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Botanical Black Dahlia Tattoo Design

Botanical Black Dahlia Tattoo Design

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Embrace the beauty of nature with our enchanting Dahlia Floral Tattoo Design. Crafted meticulously in striking black ink, this design weaves together delicate dahlias and charming flowers to create a timeless piece. Perfect for expressing your love for flora in a stylish, personal way. Please write a description for a tattoo design that is minimalistic and has the following tags: minimalist, geometric, simple, abstract. Experience pure finesse with our Minimalistic Geometric Tattoo Design. Rendered in a simple and abstract style, this design perfectly showcases the subtle complexity of geometry. Dare to express your sophisticated persona through our minimalistic yet outstanding piece. Please write a description for a tattoo design that features mythical creature and has the following tags: dragon, mythical, epic, fantasy. Discover the magic of our Epic Dragon Tattoo Design. Capturing the mythical allure of dragons, this design is an ode to fantasy and wonder. Its robust detailing and grandiosity make it a perfect choice for those seeking a monumental statement piece.

Tattoo Stencil

After purchasing this unique tattoo design, you'll receive a high-quality stencil that you can bring to your tattoo artist whenever you're ready to get inked.

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Meet the Artist: Marie Gauges

Meet Marie Gauges, a skilled tattoo artist from the vibrant city of Perth, Australia.

Marie artistic journey flourishes in the realm of neo-traditional and floral tattoos, where she passionately blends modern and traditional elements to craft captivating and dynamic inked creations.

Her work reflects her deep connection to the art of tattooing, offering clients unique and timeless pieces of body art.

Specialties: Neo-Traditional Tattoos, Floral.

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?

You can choose to purchase simply the design or the design plus the temporary tattoo.

If you choose simply the design (make sure "None" is selected in the extras) you'll be able to download the image of your choice in high quality and without the watermark and you'll also receive it in your email to be used in perpetuity. These images are often used as inspiration or to be taken to the tattoo artist.

If you choose the Extra "Temporary Tattoo", in addition to the digital design, the physical temporary tattoo will be sent to your address by mail in your chosen size.

How do the temporary tattoos work?

The temporary tattoo is safe, easy to apply and last between 1 and 5 days, depending on your care.

Once you receive your temporary tattoo over mail, you can apply it anywhere on your skin. The instruction are provided on every purchase you make.

The process consist in peeling the plastic to expose the sticky side. Place the sticky side against your skin and hold it firmly without moving the tattoo. Apply small portions of water or pass a wet sponge or tissue over the tattoo until the paper becomes slightly wet. Avoid getting water on the sticky side.

After about 30 seconds you'll be able to remove the tattoo and have a temporary design that will stay on your skin for about 72 hours.

How long do the temporary tattoos last?

A normal temporary tattoo last between 1 and 5 days with an average of 72 hours.

If you expose your temporary tattoo to water, it will likely get destroyed so watch out for it when you take a shower.

If you need to remove it, just rub it while applying warm water, alcohol or acetone. It will come off in a few seconds.

How long do the temporary tattoos take to arrive.

We ship worldwide so it depends strongly on where you are. If you're in the US you should receive it in a time frame between 7 and 20 days.

Every purchase will receive a tracking link that will be available once we ship the product.

You'll receive an update in your email with this link 72 hours after your purchase.

How will I receive my purchased design?

Upon completing your purchase, the design will be sent to your provided email address, as a high-quality digital image, that you can later share with your tattoo artist.

You'll also be able to download the image right away in the confirmed purchase screen.

Who creates these tattoo designs?

We collaborate with talented artists from around the world to bring you the most unique and creative tattoo designs. Our global network of artists ensures a diverse range of styles and inspirations, allowing us to offer you a wide selection of captivating designs to choose from.

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

We strive to ensure your satisfaction. If you're not happy with your purchase, you can get in touch with our client support team.

Do you also do custom designs?

Yes, we also help clients with personalised planning and designing.

Here's how it works:

  • Visit our planning service website at
  • Fill out the form explaining your idea
  • Our expert team will collaborate with you to craft a customized tattoo design that aligns with your preferences and vision.

This service ensures that your tattoo is not only a work of art but also a meaningful expression of your individuality.

There's an image I love, can you print it as a temporary tattoo for me?

Sure thing. There's no image we can't do.

Send it over email to and we'll tell you the next steps to turn your favorite image into a temporary tattoo.

Can I sell my own designs ?

Yes ! We are very happy to expand our range of featured artists.

We accept all types of artists.

All you have to do is fill the form at

You define your pricing and you get paid for each sale you'll make on our platform.