Custom Designs

Get a Custom and Unique Tattoo Design

Looking for a design that exist nowhere else?

We'll create it for you. 


Click here to access the first and only tattoo platform for planning and designing your tattoo. 

You can contact us with or without an idea. 

We'll help you:

 - Planning and fitting all the elements you want to integrate in your tattoos

 - With a cover-up

 - With a full sleeve

 - Coming up with new ideas

 - Treating your body as canvas and getting tattoos that make sense


We've helped thousands of people with tattoos:

 -  About their personal achievements

 -  To mark the end of their military career

 -  To remember their student commitments

 -  That express the love for their children

 -  That honor their friends and family

 -  That cover body harm and scars and mark a new step in life


So, our experienced designers got you covered. 



Make sure you go to and send us a message risk-free and commitment free to get a quote on your tattoo project.