Are Temporary Tattoos Worth It?

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Did you know that 78% of people regret at least one of their tattoos? 

At least according to Advance Dermatology.

That's why Temporary Tattoos can be a genius solution.

You just stick them on your skin and they last between 24h and 72h. That's more than enough to know if you'd actually like the look of it. 

They're a fun and risk-free way to test out designs before committing to the real ink.


Risk-Free Design Exploration

Temporary tattoos offer a no-pressure playground for delving into a myriad of designs.

If you're torn between:

  • Different styles
  • Sizes
  • Spots on your body
  • If it's really a good idea

Then slapping on a temporary tattoo lets you see how your selected design fits before making the lifelong leap into permanent ink.

It's a priceless part of the decision-making journey, guaranteeing that the design you settle on is one that brings you joy for years to come.

Cost-Effective Experimentation

A cool temporary tattoo will cost from 5$ to 20$.

This allows you to try huge designs for a very cheap price, or many small designs for an even cheaper price.

The expenses of a permanent tattoo can pile up fast, especially if you're tweaking your design or exploring several options. 

This wallet-friendly strategy is especially attractive to folks who aim to make sure their design perfectly matches their vision before committing to something permanent.

Easy Customization 

Temporary tattoos come in a wide array of designs, making it easy to find one that closely matches your envisioned permanent tattoo.

Additionally, you can customize temporary tattoos or combine multiple designs to create a unique representation of your idea.

You Can Make Them at Home!

You can use the old sharpie + baby powder + hair spay trick for an effect that lasts some hours. Check how to do it here.

You can also do it by printing your desired tattoo on printable tattoo paper, but that's a lot of work. 

Instructions here to the curious folks.

Minimize Regrets

One of the primary concerns with permanent tattoos is the fear of potential regrets.

Temporary tattoos act as a buffer against making impulsive decisions, allowing you to live with the design for a while before making it permanent.

This temporary commitment minimizes the risk of post-tattoo remorse and ensures you are confident and content with your choice.

girl with temporary tattoos on face

How Will Your Friend React?

Show it to your friends and family but don't tell them it's temporary. From their reaction, you'll get a feeling of what they think.

And when you tell them it's temporary, then you'll know for real what they think.

you'll know if you should ink it for real or not.

This firsthand experience is vital for ensuring your tattoo resonates with your lifestyle and reflects who you truly are.

Temporary Tattoos as a Design Diary

Consider temporary tattoos as a design diary, allowing you to document your tattoo journey.

Each temporary application is a chapter in the story of your potential permanent ink, creating a visual timeline of your evolving tastes and preferences.

This documentation can be a fascinating and introspective aspect of the tattoo decision-making process.

How To Get a Temporary Tattoo

Now that you've understood the multiple benefits of getting a temporary tattoo, it's time for you to browse our flash tattoo catalog and start your temp tattoo journey.

Find a Design of Your Liking

Here at Tattoos Wizard, we have a broad catalog of flash designs in a wide array of different styles.

Take your time to browse through our various options -- we're quite sure you'll find an amazing design that is well-aligned with your liking.

Choose "Temporary Tattoo"

Once you've found a design that's right for you, just click it to see the different options.

Under Extras, select 'Temporary Tattoo' and your desired size before adding the design to your cart.

Apply It And Test It Out

Now that you've received your temporary tattoo, you just have to apply it with water to your desired body part and see how it fits your looks!

The temporary tattoo will last from 48 to 72 hours, which is a great way of experiencing your tattoo before making a permanent commitment to a design you might be unsure about.

Beauty Without Commitment

Temporary tattoos are not just playful accessories; they serve asa way to as fun with yourself, try different characters and predict future outcomes before real commitment. 

Or to just look cool for a day or two.

Either way, enjoy this art form and surprise your loved ones.

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Julian Brzozowski

Julian is naturally artistic and has a passion for tattoos. He specializes in illustration, creating custom designs, flash pieces, and book covers, among other graphic work. He often draws inspiration from nature, incorporating its mystique into his art.

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